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F or those who want to attract crows we have a crow call just for you. With our CROW come HERE© CD/mp3 you can attract crows by the hundreds. If there are any crows within a 1/4 mile they will be attracted to this sound immediately! See Video at the bottom of this page.

T he American crow is very susceptible to the West Nile virus, a disease just recently introduced in North America. American crows usually die within one week of acquiring the disease with only very few surviving exposure. Crows are so affected by the disease that their deaths are now serving as an indicator of the West Nile Virus activity in an area. Certain species have been considered pests; the Common Raven, Australian Raven and Carrion Crow have all been known to kill weak lambs as well as eating freshly dead animals probably killed by other means. Rooks have been blamed for eating grain in the UK and the Brown-necked Raven for raiding date crops in desert countries.

NOTE: This is not a CD or mp3 for residential area home use. This CD or mp3 is specifically for the HUNTING of crows.

crow come here

FAQ's and Suggestions:

  1. Why would anyone want CROW come HERE?
    In some areas of the world hunting of crows is allowed and this is their way of keeping these pests under control. With our crow call, CROW come HERE© crows are attracted to this sound immediately. Within minutes it's possible to have hundreds of crows circling you.
    Click Here For Laws in the USA

  2. How loud do I play the Crow come Here CD/mp3?
    In this particular case the louder the CD or MP3 is played will only result in attracting more crows. The recording is a "LIVE" crow in distress which repeats throughout.

  3. What makes you feel your crow call is better that others?
    Thanks for asking. We use live calls on all our recordings. We don't make artificial electronic calls. This is why we feel our calls are genuine and we back that up with a 30 day money back guarantee.

  4. I want to get rid of crows without shooting them can you help me? My wife is upset and won't let me shoot them.
    You need our CROW be GONE© for a fast, easy, effective way to get rid of crows in a humane way.
crow come here
crow be gone

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crow come here
crow come here

The video above is CROW come HERE© the actual sounds are muted.
The music playing is not the CD or MP3.

Crow come Here CD/mp3

Crow come Here CD/mp3
CROW come HERE only $9.95  + S&H $5.95
Our CROW come HERE© CD will attract crows to you within seconds.
This CD is NOT recommended for residential neighborhood use!!

MP3 available here!

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