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Keep Crows Away

For many years my family and I awoke to crows cawing endlessly and breaking seed pods on my roof or pecking at some trash they had picked up somewhere. It sounded more like a construction crew putting a new roof on my home and the trash and waste left behind was disgusting.

After years of suffering and absolutely no way of sleeping in on a Saturday or Sunday morning, I went on a search to discover a way to deal with these disturbing pests! Yet I wanted to do it in a humane way and also in a way not to disturb my neighbors or violate city laws. After two years of research throughout the world and thousands of hours of testing we came upon a solution that works! A solution that works amazingly well providing you follow some simple basic steps.

In 2007 Crow be Gone was launched onto the internet. With the help of our customers and their suggestions we now have a winning combination. It lets people take command of their surroundings and bring peace back into their environment. Currently we're in 44 Countries and very proud we've been able to help so many people. We feel so confident about our CROW be GONE© CD that we offer a 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. That's 30 days after delivery!  Also for those emergency situations that can't wait for postal delivery we have an MP3 available in addition to your CD purchase.  If you're having any problems with CROWS let us help you.

Best regards,

Rick Anthony
President & Founder

Crow be Gone CD
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